Hi there! I'm Bridgette, a graphic designer and illustrator living in sunny San Diego, CA. I started my design career in Sacramento at the tender age of eight selling my Microsoft Paint masterpieces for 25 cents a piece (to my parents). Despite my desperate desire to move south after high school, I fell in love with nearby UC Davis and earned a degree in fashion design. I honed my graphic design skills while working for the university newspaper and eventually became its Art Director.
After graduating, I moved to LA and worked in the fashion industry for two years. While it had its exciting moments, I quickly realized it wasn't for me and continued further south to America's Finest City to pursue graphic design. Ten years later, I am now a seasoned graphic designer with experience working on over 30 brands across a variety of industries.
When I'm not on my computer, you can usually find me playing frisbee at the beach, poppin tags at the Goodwill, snuggling with my cats, and lint rolling all of my furniture. I also have an Etsy shop called Bungalow 31 where I sell awesome vintage treasures that it sometimes pains me to part with.
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