"Bridgette is a wise and talented designer who will no doubt bring an enormous amount of value to any creative team. Hiring her was one of the smartest decisions I ever made."
- Holly Perttula | Creative Director, American National Investments
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I'm a full-time Art Director providing strategic design solutions that improve customer experience and drive sales. I listen intently, think critically, and inspire creatively to achieve goals AND foster a positive design process. Working with over 40 brands has given me insight into a wide variety of industries and challenged me to design for different audiences, aesthetics, budgets, and business needs. With each client and project comes a new problem to solve and a new opportunity to become a more adaptable, resourceful, and well-rounded creative strategist.
When not designing, you can find me either:
1. at the Goodwill hunting for vintage treasures
2. watching a documentary
3. potatoing at the beach
4. lint rolling cat hair off all of my furniture
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